Episode 33

Brenden K, MasterTalk: Presenting with Confidence

Published on: 1st January, 2021

In this episode, meet Brenden, founder of MasterTalk.

As an experienced speaker and facilitator, Brenden understands that audience members need to walk away captivated, and above all, inspired to master the art of communication. It should be seen as something to look forward to rather than a burden that must be overcome.

Speaking Engagements

Brenden speaks about many topics relating to communication such as presentation skills, storytelling, and speech breakdowns explaining what separates the best speakers in the world from everyone else.

Presentation Workshops

Brenden’s workshops focus on interactive activities between participants to practice communication in a tangible and entertaining way. By securing quick wins for his audience, he is able to quickly convince them that communication can be mastered at any level.

Personal Coaching

Brenden’s private coaching program is personalized to each individual that he coaches. He only takes 10 clients at any given time and each client goes through a vetting process to ensure good fit and results delivered.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBYFP4mZLQovr7W6Si6sueA

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