Episode 260

Christina Wallace, Lecturer and Author, THE PORTFOLIO LIFE

Published on: 4th September, 2023

Our guest is Christina Wallace, Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurial Management at Harvard Business School, where she leads HBS Startup Bootcamp, 

Her latest book is "The Portfolio Life: How to Future-Proof Your Career, Avoid Burnout, and Build A Life Bigger Than Your Business Card."

From Hachette Book Group

Christina's Website

@cmwalla on Instagram

Here are the topics we discussed:

1. As a self-described "human Venn diagram," you've crafted a diverse career at the intersection of business, technology, and the arts. How has this unique combination influenced your approach to entrepreneurship and teaching?

2. Your latest book, "The Portfolio Life," delves into future-proofing careers and avoiding burnout. Could you share some key insights from the book and how individuals can apply them to build a fulfilling life beyond just their professional identity? 3 tenets of a Portfolio Life:

  • You are more than any one role or opportunity.
  • Diversification will help you navigate change and mitigate uncertainty.
  • When (not if) your needs change, you can and should rebalance.

3. You explore portfolio careers. How do you believe these non-traditional career paths can foster creativity and lead to a more fulfilling professional life?

4. Co-authoring "New To Big" with David Kidder provided insights into creating like entrepreneurs and investing like venture capitalists. How can companies strike a balance between fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and business profitability while maintaining a focus on people -- their growth and their success – building THEIR portfolio life?

5. Your background in edtech startups, corporate innovation, and venture-backed fashion companies showcases your versatility. How has your experience in various industries shaped your understanding of creativity and innovation?

6. With a rich background in music and arts, how do you see the integration of creativity in the business world, and what role does it play in fostering innovation and problem-solving? How can individuals leverage their artistic interests to enhance their entrepreneurial endeavors?

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