Episode 155

Ho Yin Cheung, Founder and CEO of REMO

Published on: 6th January, 2022

Meet Ho Yin Cheung , founder and CEO of REMO.

He has 7+ years of experience building remote teams and has worked with Fortune 100 companies like Nike, Best Buy, TJ Maxx, SunGard, Cardinal Health, and Kaiser Permanente.

His new venture is Remo, the next-gen video-first virtual space for event organizers and distributed teams. Check it out if you want to grow your revenue, and connect with your audience in the most interactive way online.

He says, "I am passionate about humanizing technology to create authentic conversations that drive meaningful relationships in the most human way possible."

Remo is an interactive virtual event platform that humanizes the online event experience.

Today, Remo has grown from 5 to over 100 members, all working globally.

Whether people use Remo for work, virtual, or hybrid events, we know that meeting people online can be a daunting task.

Our events bring communities together built on purpose and common interests. We provide opportunities to grow and facilitate trust, thus leading to organic relationships in the virtual space, as well as offline. These common factors create comfortable networking settings, setting the stage for real human interaction and creating deep connections that can last a lifetime.

We’ve been honored to host virtual and hybrid events for webinars, higher education institutions, alumni associations, job fairs, and professional associations. We also provide poster sessions for students presenting their dissertations.

We believe this process is the most humane way to bring people together. Our clients use Remo to come together for different ways to build communities—whether that’s through interactive webinars, workshops, games, or simply getting together with friends to connect in a welcoming and human experience that feels as authentic as possible.

For a free demo, please stop by Remo.co.

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