Episode 2

Olivia Klugman, Singer-Songwriter

Published on: 22nd October, 2020

Because this podcast is all about inspiration, I'm excited to share music by Olivia Klugman.

Olivia blends her rich, classically trained vocals with a love for storytelling and vulnerability in her music. Her debut EP "Fire Alarm" tells her personal coming-of-age story through acoustic melodies. 

In addition to sharing her original "Fire Alarm", I love her cover of Joni Mitchell's "Cactus Tree." As soon as we can all gather again, I'm anxious to have Olivia at a house party to bring her musical mood to the occasion.

Learn and listen more at oliviaklugman.com

Music tracks are copyrighted, provided by the artist, and used with permission.

Thanks to you for being among the first listeners of our new podcast.

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